Technology Business Development (TBD) helps SME companies selling complex products and technical or professional services to achieve their business growth objectives.

We work as consultants, as external service providers, or as part of your management team – and are happy to move from one mode to another as projects develop and your needs change.

Typical projects:

  • Consultancy
    – working with the management team in an advisory capacity to investigate your needs and to propose routes for the business to achieve its goals.
    – helping clients to develop a strong, sustainable business strategy as a sound basis for business growth.
  • Services
    – market research – investigating customer needs, gaining feedback on the company v. the competition or on proposed new products & services;
    – identifying business prospects, establishing new relationships, testing and honing the sales proposition…
  • Interim executive management
    – working alongside clients to implement agreed actions & achieve specific business objectives (like managing a test-marketing programme or a promotional campaign, or introducing new system), then managing hand-over and support if needed to sustain progress.

We have hands-on experience in managing marketing & business development operations at executive and director level in start-ups, private companies, and international corporations.

We, therefore, recognize clients’ operational management pressures and expect to respond accordingly.