Top Best Chrome Extensions


You need to maintain you’re privacy while browsing the internet. Then Ghostery is the extension helps you to keep all you details private. Ghostery user-friendly best chrome extensions 2017 which hide all you’re tracking info private in one click!

  • You can block all the Scripts, Documents and other from the company or third party that you won’t trust.
  • It is the King of all extensions that protects you privacy over internet.

F___book Post Manager

Batch delete posts in F___book timeline. Other batch processing: privacy / hide / unhide / unlike items. FREE!


Grammarly is the world’s best grammar checker and special for any kind of write ups. Here the writers will get the best options on each single word with synonyms and etc. This can easily resolve about 150 kinds of critical grammar issues and its advanced version deals with the topmost English. This extension is an ease of access and there is no other better choice for writers rather than Grammarly.

Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate

AS make this part a little more portable and easier. Awesome Screenshot can help you to annotate the screenshots by maintaining shape, arrows, and even with textual comments. And by Awesome Screenshot the users can easily upload their shots on its official site and even share it on social media.

Google Cast

Google Cast extension allows you to watch videos on your TV via Chromecast using your browser as a remote. When you are on YouTube, Netflix or other Cast optimized site, just click the Cast Chrome extension button to start streaming videos on your TV. In the same way you can stream your browser tabs, sites, photos and other data. In case you don’t have a Chromecast but you are a lucky owner of iPad, check how to connect iPad to your TV.